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A financial accounting system is not enough to drive high performance. You need data that drives today's decisions, not a recap of what happened last quarter.

We are in the process of developing Opportunity Management Accounting. This will be a cloud-based application that gives you and your team the tools to actively manage performance and drive results. It will fully support the Opportunity Management Framework, giving your whole team the ability to measure, analyze, and communicate the data that drives future results. Using Opportunity Management Accounting, you will be able to create a performance model of your organization. Managers will be able to track and link their most critical objectives, the associated strategies, the delegated tasks, the key performance metrics, and the major risk factors. Executives will be able to set up dashboards to track the most critical metrics so that they can see instantly which ones are on track and which ones are not. It will track a single objective, a single department, or your entire organization - you decide on the level of detail. 


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