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Opportunity Management is very intuitive. But the first few times you're applying the framework within your organization, real-world situations can be confusing. Some organizations look for help in two areas.

First, your team needs to understand the OM process before they can implement it. This requires some training. But don't worry. Our training isn't so much about teaching new concepts - it is more about putting the things they already know (and do) into an established context. The training is to assure that everyone on the team will approach these important management concepts in the same way. This builds a consistent performance culture up and down your organization.

Then, in addition to  the training, you may need someone with OM experience to help your team actually implement Opportunity Management for the first few areas. A mentor can help work through the first few examples. This cements the training and makes the framework very tangible. Having someone present to guide your team through those first few challenges can make all the difference. 

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