It does not matter what type of organization you are. If you expect to excel at achieving your goals, everyone on the team must approach your opportunities in a consistent and complementary way.

Opportunity Management is not a suite of consulting services that we perform for you and then leave. OM is a set of tools that allow you to establish a permanent, stronger culture of success. It combines performance management and risk management in a way that is:

  • adaptable,
  • comprehensive, and
  • teachable.

With Opportunity Management your entire team, from top to bottom, will be better able to focus, align, and consistently respond to opportunities.

Focus on the critical
Focus on the critical
Time is valuable. Leaders should be focusing their time on critical success drivers, especially those that might be at risk.
Align your Actions
Align your Actions
At every level of the organization, individuals and teams should be transparently aligned with the organization's key strategies.
Respond to Uncertainty
Respond to Uncertainty
When circumstances change, existing strategies and processes may also need to change. A prompt response may deliver future results that would otherwise be lost.

Is this risk management? Partly. But Opportunity Management is more.
It is also a comprehensive performance framework.

Successful teams can execute all parts of the game plan. This includes establishing clear and relevant goals, assigning responsibilities, developing appropriate strategies, monitoring those strategies, and delivering anticipated results. Opportunity Management provides the tools to bring every member of your team to a consistent and high performing level.

Opportunity Management includes a risk management component.

Teams cannot perform at the highest level without a solid and practical approach to managing risks. The best teams know how to react when something unplanned or unexpected occurs. For great teams, risk management is a core competency. OM shows your team how to recognize, communicate and manage risks in the real world.

To effectively implement Opportunity Management, we provide two components:

Opportunity Management Framework
We work with your team to merge our performance and risk management techniques into your existing management culture. Through training and hands-on mentoring we help elevate your team's ability to set goals, address risks, design appropriate strategies and processes, create performance and risk metrics, and report results.
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Opportunity Management Accounting
This is our cloud application that captures the data to support your use of the Opportunity Management Framework. It supplements your accounting systems and enhances your ability to manage performance. It delivers an objective performance view into the organization to complement your financial view. It helps you identify those things that you should address before they go wrong.
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Who can benefit from Opportunity Management?

We’re not overly modest. Everyone can benefit.

We know that it works. But we recognize that we are just getting started and we don’t yet have a long and established list of client testimonials. So, we are looking to work with organizations that have a culture of being early adopters and getting out ahead of the crowd.

Maybe you feel compelled for your team to perform at the highest level. Opportunity Management can help. It doesn’t have to be the entire organization – maybe it’s just one functional area.

Or maybe you’re a professional services firm that wants to introduce an exciting new way to help your clients’ bottom line.

If this seems intriguing, let’s talk.

Opportunity Management (OM) is a performance management framework. It is adaptable, comprehensive, and teachable. This means that your entire team, whether that's 5 people or 50,000 people, can all have a consistent approach to delivering high performance results.

In one sense, it is very familiar. It emphasizes goal setting, communication, developing practical strategies and processes, and communicating results.

But it's absolutely unique in a few very important ways:

  1. It is not a set of consulting services that we perform for you and then leave. We give you the tools to permanently enhance your performance culture.
  2. It helps each team member make better decisions that contribute to bottom-line results.
  3. It fully integrates a new and practical approach to risk management.
  4. It creates a closed loop in setting goals and delivering results.
  5. It is supported by a cloud-based application (Opportunity Management Accounting) that provides the data to help your team manage performance, risk, and results.

Implementing Organizations

The key to success in any organization is the ability to take advantage of its unique opportunities. Your opportunities may relate to your top level strategies - or they may exist within a specific functional area. Are you in a position to try something new in order to deliver those opportunities? Perhaps you are:

... growing and need to embed a solid performance culture.
Opportunity Management can help assure that you are developing a coordinated, high-performing team.
... building a distributed team.
Opportunity Management provides clarity of how your team members will take responsibility and work together effectively.
... trying to understand your risks and how they might impact results.
You want your team to actively manage your risks, not just acknowledge their existence.
... trying to fix a specific operational problem.
Opportunity Management shows your team the root cause of the issue - and helps them find the best solution.

Trusted Consulting Advisors

You are in a position to not only introduce Opportunity Management to your clients, you are also in a position to help them implement it. When you help your clients implement Opportunity Management, you are bringing a strategic solution that makes them fundamentally more effective. This brings long-term value to both you and your clients. Contact us if:

... you have clients who are early adopters
You may have a few key clients who embrace an opportunity to improve their performance environment.
... your clients need help managing their risks
Risk management is a core competency for high performing organizations. Some clients need a consistent and practical approach to managing their risks. Others clients may already have a reasonable process, but need an ability to accumulate and manage the data.
... you are in a position to aggressively grow your practice
Opportunity Management demonstrates your ability to provide long term strategic value to potential clients - in addition to fulfilling their specific short term needs.

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