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Opportunity Management (OM) is a performance management framework. It is adaptable, comprehensive, and teachable. This means that your entire team, whether that's 5 people or 50,000 people, can all have a consistent approach to delivering high performance results.

In one sense, it is very familiar. It emphasizes goal setting, communication, developing practical strategies and processes, and communicating results.

But it's absolutely unique in a few very important ways:

  1. It is not a set of consulting services that we perform for you and then leave. We give you the tools to permanently enhance your performance culture.
  2. It helps each team member make better decisions that contribute to bottom-line results.
  3. It fully integrates a new and practical approach to risk management.
  4. It creates a closed loop in setting goals and delivering results.
  5. It is supported by a cloud-based application (Opportunity Management Accounting) that provides the data to help your team manage performance, risk, and results.

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