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The Opportunity Management Framework

Opportunity Management is a marriage of performance management and risk management.

It helps your team (whether that's 5 people or 50,000) deliver more consistent and predictable bottom line results over the long term. This applies equally to any team that needs to deliver results … a winning score, higher profits, or providing community services more effectively.



Tracker is a simple and highly effective corporate governance tool that tracks and reports on critical pending actions. These might be board action items, open audit issues, high visibility customer complaints, legal or regulatory deadlines, preparation of grant applications, or anything else that has a high impact on your organization.

To learn more, go to tracker.rskldr.com.


The Risk Management Think Tank

We are building an online global think tank where your ideas could help change the world. Our mission is to bring together the most significant thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and creative minds to help us all improve bottom-line organizational performance, especially focusing on the impact and management of risk .

You can contribute to this exciting project. Go to rmthinktank.com to see what we're building.

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